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SteamOS beta update lets you dual-boot your Steam Machine

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Gallery Photo: Valve Steam Machine and Steam Controller prototypes
Gallery Photo: Valve Steam Machine and Steam Controller prototypes

We're still some ways off from Steam Machines getting into the hands of consumers, but if you're one of the brave few to get in on the SteamOS beta, the latest update gives the operating system a bit more flexibility. With the update, the OS now allows for "dual-boot and custom partitioning," so that you can install Windows and SteamOS on your machine. While the beta only impacts a small number of users right now, for those who were turned off by the limited nature of SteamOS it's a good sign. Of course, as with the initial beta release, the update should only be installed by those willing to take a risk. "There has been very little testing on this, especially any kind of dual-boot setup," writes Valve engineer John Vert. "So don't install it on any machine you are not prepared to lose."

Update: Valve says it has also fixed the audio output for Intel-based Steam Machines like the Gigabyte Brix Pro, and is offering a new ISO disc image that should let people install SteamOS on computers that have legacy motherboards without UEFI support.