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Pocket adds AirPlay support for streaming saved videos to Apple TV

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pocket ios7
pocket ios7

Pocket today updated its iOS app with full AirPlay integration, making it possible for users to stream their saved video clips to a nearby Apple TV. Most of us turn to Pocket to keep track of (and preserve) articles we intend to read later, but it turns out there are quite a few people taking advantage of its video features. More than 2 million videos are saved to the popular app every week, according to a blog post the company published today. "Your videos will even keep playing when you exit the Pocket app, perfect for multi-taskers who want to check their email, Twitter, or simply just lean back and relax," it reads. Pocket's updated iOS app is available now, and AirPlay works just as it does everywhere else; just start playing a video, tap the AirPlay icon, and choose the Apple TV on your wireless network to beam content to your living room screen.