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Beats Music stops letting new users sign up while it works out bugs

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beats music lead
beats music lead

Beats Music had its long-awaited launch yesterday, but apparently there are still some kinks to work out in the brand-new music streaming service. According to a blog post by CEO Ian Rogers, Beats is going to stop accepting new members due to some issues that have cropped up due to an "extremely high volume of interest." Rogers says that most users are unaffected and that it had a plan in place for just such a situation — that plan is being put into effect now, but there's no word on exactly how long this new member freeze will last. Those who want to sign up can still download the app and register; Beats says it'll notify those new members when the app is ready to be used.

If you're one of those affected by the troubles and not able to take advantage of your free trial, fear not. Rogers is also giving everyone who signed up an extra week of free service to try Beats out, regardless of whether or not they're having trouble with the app. While this certainly takes some of the shine off of the Beats launch, giving users a longer trial period seems like a smart way to mitigate any resulting backlash. On the other hand, if Beats is going to have a chance at keeping up with its more established competition, it's going to need to make reliability a key component of the experience.