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Apple says a fix for random iOS 7 reboots is coming

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iOS 7 reboot
iOS 7 reboot

Apple has confirmed to Mashable that it's aware of a bug that causes devices running iOS 7 to randomly reset for no apparent reason. The issue has existed since the launch of iOS 7 and has persisted even after Apple ironed out other kinks through subsequent software updates. Thankfully the company says a fix is on the way for the "home screen crash" that results in iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches going through a soft reset without warning. It's also been coined the "black screen of death" since it displays the same black background and Apple logo that users see when a device is first powered on. (The screen is white if you're using a white iOS product.) Though not a crippling bug by any measure, the resets have proven to be an annoying quirk of iOS 7 in the months since the software first shipped. It's not clear if the fix will arrive with iOS 7.1 — currently being tested by the development community — or come via a separate update.