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Almost every NES 'Press Start' screen compiled into one great video

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gauntlet nes
gauntlet nes

Video game developers didn't have a lot to work with on the Nintendo Entertainment System; the 8-bit console didn't have much power to throw around compared to today's 3D extravaganzas, and something as basic as animating a character would eat up resources quickly. That's why the static title screens often featured the most elaborate artwork, as all they had to do was implore the player to "press start."

YouTube user NicksplosionFX has compiled a list of the start screens from what he claims is every NES game. We're not so sure — the alphabetized compilation appears to omit Final Fantasy III, for example — but the result is impressive and oddly compelling in any case. If you have a spare two hours and fifty minutes this week, try to see how many you can recognize.