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Nokia Lumia sales weaker over holidays, but doubled in 2013

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Microsoft has a lot of work to do

Nokia Lumia 1520 lead (1024px)
Nokia Lumia 1520 lead (1024px)

Nokia might be selling its devices business to Microsoft, but the Finnish smartphone maker is posting its final financial results that include Lumia sales today. Although Nokia didn't initially reveal exact sales figures for its Windows Phone handsets, the company has since confirmed to The Verge that it sold 30 million handsets during 2013. That's 8.2 million Lumia sales during the latest quarter, an 86 percent increase from the same period last year, but a drop from the 8.8 million record in the previous quarter.

Nokia's 30 million Lumia sales in 2013 mean the company more than doubled the 13.3 million handsets sold during 2012. However, with a drop in Lumia sales during Q4 compared to the overall trend of growth during 2013, it's clear Microsoft has a lot of work to do throughout 2014 to ensure Windows Phone continues to head in the right direction. Nokia dominates Windows Phone marketshare with over 85 percent of all sales, but recent reports suggest Sony might be preparing its own Microsoft-powered handset later this year. Nokia will hold an investors call at 8AM ET today, and we'll update you accordingly on any additional insight into Lumia sales.

Update: Nokia didn't disclose its Q4 Lumia numbers initially, but this post has been updated to reflect figures provided by the company following its earnings release.

Aaron Souppouris contributed to this report.