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SwiftKey Note could bring popular Android keyboard to iOS

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SwiftKey Note
SwiftKey Note

Typing on an iPhone could get faster soon, but with a few caveats. The @evleaks Twitter account has released an image of something called SwiftKey Note, an apparent note-taking app for iOS that integrates SwiftKey's popular phrase-prediction keyboard.

This is the first hint that SwiftKey's replacement keyboard could be coming to iOS. It's been popular on Android for its prediction and improved correction features, and even more popular since it released SwiftKey Flow, which lets you input words by sliding your finger across the keyboard. However, it's likely that this apparent SwiftKey Note app will be the only place the keyboard shows up on iOS, since Apple still doesn't allow developers access to its core software features. There are some iOS keyboard replacement apps on the market like Fleksy, but they only allow other developers to insert their keyboard into its software, spreading the keyboard between different apps, but not into iOS itself.

Can a keyboard sell an app?

SwiftKey has another note-taking app called SwiftKey Healthcare that allows doctors to quickly take notes with medical jargon on iPads and Android tablets, so it's not surprising to see a more universal note-taking app coming from the company. There's no way this can dethrone note-taking giants like Evernote, but tech demonstrations like this help sell the point that iOS really needs user-selectable keyboards.