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New Apple TV reportedly coming in first half of 2014

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Apple is "well into testing" its next revision of the Apple TV set-top box, according to 9to5Mac. The new hardware is likely to launch sometime in the first half of 2014 and runs a revamped user interface with deeper ties to iOS, the report claims. That could open the door to an App Store for Apple TV and an expanded offering of third-party apps and games. Apple's selection of "channels" has grown steadily in recent months, but still lacks the depth offered by Roku and other set-top box manufacturers.

If Apple shies away from bringing its full App Store experience to the living room, the report claims a "Game Store" could be another option the company pursues. 9to5Mac's report also notes that "new types of content" will be supported by the next-generation Apple TV, but doesn't specify what those are. Earlier today, iLounge reported that the Apple TV will receive an update that introduces further support for gaming "in March or earlier." The current Apple TV already lets users play some iOS games on the TV screen via AirPlay, but a wider focus on gaming could encroach on the territory of console makers like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.