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Watch this: a Mercedes supercar smokes Google Street View on 'Top Gear'

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Stig vs. Google Street View
Stig vs. Google Street View

Some say The Stig drifts in smoky circles around unsuspecting Google Street View cars.

Actually, that's true: Top Gear posted video this week of a poor Opel hatchback being embarrassed by Mercedes' superlative SLS AMG Black Series supercar at the popular TV show's test track in Surrey, England. And it wasn't just any hatchback — it was fully fitted with Google Street View gear, complete with the giant ball of cameras precariously balanced on top.

Presumably, Google doesn't take its Street View cars to the track every day. But this is Top Gear, after all. And more importantly, it promptly integrated the unfair fight into Google Maps. (Be sure to click through the entire course.)