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Xfinity X1 customers will get 1,539 hours of Olympic footage on their TV sets

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sochi 2014 winter olympics gold medal flickr
sochi 2014 winter olympics gold medal flickr

In addition to recording some footage from the games in 4K HD, Comcast promises to stream more Winter Olympic coverage than ever before. Fans can expect more than 1,000 hours of footage from Sochi, Russia starting February 6th, but it'll be users of Comcast's still-nascent X1 platform who will be able to enjoy all the live events on their TVs.

NBC Universal announced last month that it will broadcast an unprecedented 1,539 hours of Winter Olympics coverage, spread out across five TV networks and According to the AP, Xfinity TV subscribers will have access to that content from their televisions sets, complete with notifications about what Olympic events are coming up and on what channel and access to a highlight show called "Gold Zone" made for big-screen TVs. NBC also says that it won't rely on tape delays that confounded many viewers in 2012, stating that those who watch the live streams are more likely to tune in later in the day.

How many people will have this kind of access?

The only thing that is unclear at this point is how many customers have signed up for X1 to date. Comcast announced out the cloud-based software platform in early 2012, but has yet to release official statistics on how many customers make use of it. Right now, it's hard to say how many people will be able to take advantage of Comcast's Olympic ambitions.