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White House reunites 'West Wing' stars for virtual 'Big Block of Cheese Day'

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Bartlet would be proud

White House big block of cheese day (Credit: the White House/YouTube)
White House big block of cheese day (Credit: the White House/YouTube)

President Obama may not be much like President Bartlet, but he is taking one big cue from the fictional Commander-in-Chief on The West Wing. The White House has just announced that it will hold its own real-life "Big Block of Cheese Day" on Wednesday, January 29th. As was the case on a few memorable episodes of Aaron Sorkin's acclaimed TV show, the White House will invite members of the public to submit any question they'd like to government officials, who will endeavor to answer it during the course of the day. Unlike the series, members of the public who feel overlooked won't be invited to enter the White House and give physical presentations about their pet issues: instead, they can submit questions online through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Google+ Hangouts.

The White House says officials will be online to field questions all day, and that they will actually "carve off a slice of [a] four foot by two foot thick slab of cheddar." That's a nod to the original "Big Block of Cheese Day" hosted by President Andrew Jackson 177 years ago, from which The West Wing took its inspiration. And recognizing that the show still has legs though its been off the air for almost a decade, the White House even reached out to stars Bradley Whitford and Joshua Malina for a video promoting the event. The event follows the State of the Union address on the evening of Tuesday, January 28th and a Google+ Hangout with the president himself. Maybe if enough West Wing fans tune in, the government will finally get serious about building that wolf bridge.