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Live-action 'Ghost in the Shell' movie signs the director of 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

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Snow White and the Huntsman promotional still
Snow White and the Huntsman promotional still

A live-action adaptation of the classic manga Ghost in the Shell appears to be one step closer to reality. Deadline reports that Rupert Sanders, director of Snow White and the Huntsman, has signed on to direct the project for Dreamworks. Written by Masamune Shirow, the original manga follows a covert task force focused on cybercrime, and spawned multiple video games, sequels, and anime adaptations.

The project has been simmering at Dreamworks for some time. The studio originally bought the rights for the property back in 2008 with the intent to produce it as a 3D film, though it's cycled through several different writers — including Shutter Island's Laeta Kalogridis — in the years since. Sanders will be directing from a new script by William Wheeler, whose credits include the 2012 thriller The Reluctant Fundamentalist.

While Snow White and the Huntsman didn't fare well with critics, it did establish Sanders as a director with some impressive visual skills. However, it's not yet clear if the Ghost adaptation will be moving forward right away or if Sanders will direct a different project first, so adjust your level of excitement — or despair — accordingly.