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SNL's hilarious parody of 'Her' shows Jonah Hill falling in love with himself

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The new OS is all about you

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Her SNL parody still
Her SNL parody still

Her is all about what happens when we get to know our computers, and when our computers really get to know us. When it's Scarlett Johannsen and Joaquin Phoenix, what happens is a surprisingly wonderful, believable love story. But what if Spike Jonze changed the formula a bit? What if, when you finished answering awkwardly personal questions about your mother and social skills, Philip Seymour Hoffman appeared on the screen? Or what if the OS you needed, the perfect companion for you, was... you?

On this week's 'Saturday Night Live,' Jonah Hill found out what happens when Her becomes Me.

Of course, the crew at Saturday Night Live isn't the first to this idea. It added to a long, hilarious list of parodies that make our coming relationships with computers seem weird, wonderful, and creepy. Mostly creepy.


Her, starring SmarterChild

Her plus Philip Seymour Hoffman

Her: existential tech support