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Dozens of couples to be wed by Queen Latifah during Macklemore's Grammys performance

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Macklemore stock
Macklemore stock

What says "love" like being joined in holy matrimony by a music superstar while another raps onstage in front of an audience of hundreds more? Nothing, which is why Queen Latifah will be officiating the marriage of 34 same-sex and straight couples during tonight's performance of "Same Love" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the Grammys, according to a report from The New York Times. The duo will be accompanied by Madonna on vocals, who has certainly earned a reputation for making a splash during awards shows.

Lewis — whose own sister will be among the 34 couples tying the knot — calls the event "the ultimate statement of equality." It comes at a time when states are slowly legalizing same-sex marriage, most recently New Mexico by court ruling in December, but a majority of jurisdictions still have bans in place.

We'll be live blogging the marriages (along with the rest of the Grammys) when they kick off at 8PM ET, so be sure to join us.