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LG G Flex coming to T-Mobile February 5th, buyers get six free months of Netflix

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LG G Flex 1024px
LG G Flex 1024px

LG's curved G Flex smartphone will be available on T-Mobile starting February 5th. The carrier is taking pre-orders today. At full retail, the G Flex costs $672, but T-Mobile expects that most customers will buy the device through its financing plan. Going that route, you can get the G Flex for $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $28. LG is also attempting to sweeten the deal by giving away six free months of Netflix streaming to G Flex buyers. The company has announced that the 6-inch Android handset will eventually make its way to three of the four major US carriers. It's set to arrive on Sprint January 31st; AT&T hasn't yet specified a release date, but its customers can place a pre-order. February 5th will also see the release of the Optimus F3Q on T-Mobile. This low-end Android smartphone is targeted at "those that cannot live without a QWERTY keyboard," though that keyboard may be its only redeeming factor from the looks of it.