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Google now lets you play with Lego in your browser anywhere in the world

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Build with Chrome
Build with Chrome

In 2012 Google unveiled an experiment called Build with Chrome, a virtual Lego tool that let you play with tiny plastic bricks in your browser — and two years later the project is finally open to everyone. Originally users had to stake out a plot of land in Australia and publish their creations to that location, but now the tool lets you do the same anywhere in the world. The geographical features make it possible to browse user creations by location, and a new addition also lets you see what your Google+ buddies have built with the tool. You can also filter by specific kinds of creations like buildings.

The WebGL tool works in Chrome, and according to Google you should be able to play with virtual bricks using the Android version of the web browser in addition to the web, so long as you have a device with "high-end graphics capabilities." Unsurprisingly, there's also a promotional aspect to Build with Chrome — there's a series of tutorials that feature characters and scenes from the upcoming Lego Movie. You can check it out now at the source link below.