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Delta's '80s-themed safety video has Atari, Alf, and lots of big hair

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Delta 1980s in-flight safety video
Delta 1980s in-flight safety video

Once again Delta has hit us with its best shot at a funny in-flight safety video, and this time it's a nod to the '80s. Delta jazzed things up in this video with huge hair, scrunchies, break-dancing, and cleverly-placed references to things like Atari, Alf, and the Rubik's Cube to deliver the boring yet necessary safety information we all hear on every flight. Not only do videos like these let passengers know what to do in case of a fire, but they've also proven to be insanely popular for Delta in the past. While this video might not be as funny as the airline's holiday video that went viral last year, it does tap into a kind of nostalgia that a lot of travelers will enjoy — or at the very least, will make them pay attention.