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Twitter founder Ev Williams raises $25 million for his blogging startup, Medium

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ev williams
ev williams

Medium, a cross between a blogging platform and an online magazine, is a little over one year old. Today, according to a Recode report, it raised $25 million in venture capital that it plans to use for a bigger office in San Francisco, new hires, and scaling its infrastructure. The funding is notable because founder Ev Williams, also one of the founders of Twitter, is already a billionaire, and up until now he has been the sole source of money for Medium through his Obvious Corporation.

When the company began it also had Biz Stone and Jason Goldman, two more of Twitter's founding members, on staff. Those two have since left to pursue their own projects, while Medium has added editors from legacy media titles like GQ. Now, the company has a who's who of Silicon Valley notables — including Google Ventures' Kevin Rose, SV Angel's Ron Conway, and Greylock's Josh Elman and David Sze — in its corner thanks to this round of funding. We've reached out to Medium and its investors for comment and will update with any response.