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Gmail bug made some users accidentally delete emails

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Gmail Bug
Gmail Bug

A recent bug in Gmail resulted in some users accidentally deleting emails and reporting others as spam when applying those actions to other messages. Google says the bug cropped up in a software update on just a handful of platforms — its iOS app, on mobile browsers, and the offline version of Gmail — and did not affect all users. The company also says the issue has since been fixed, though it's unclear just how many users experienced the issue and how many messages were impacted. In a notice (pictured above), the company urged users to take a second-look at their spam and trash folders to see if any messages sent between January 12th to the 21st were miscategorized.

Only on some platforms

News of the issue comes just days after Gmail and several other Google services went down for approximately 10 percent of users. That outage lasted for around 25 minutes, with the company attributing it to buggy code that went out to some of its systems.