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Peek brings Clear's stylish minimalism to the calendar

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peek calendar lede
peek calendar lede

The majority of calendar apps appear to be built for power users, integrating to-do lists, LinkedIn profiles, and natural language processing for creating events. Peek Calendar, launching today on iPhone for $1.99, takes the opposite approach by providing a hyper-minimalist interface that prioritizes simplicity over all else. Peek is a little confusing to use at first, demanding a skillful use of gestures, long presses, pull-to-refresh movements, and swipes to do just about anything. But once you've got the app's control scheme down, Peek's character shines through.

Peek lets you accomplish the usual gamut of tasks like creating events, adding alarms, and planning out your day, but many features we've come to expect from a calendar app, like inviting someone to an event, are sorely absent. There's also no way to quickly get directions to an appointment — a feature we've come to rely on. But the app has a handful of incredibly charming bells and whistles like a customizable color scheme, an ingeniously designed time picker, and inspirational messages that pop up when you shake your phone. The app's design is also beautiful, combining the bold colors and chromeless interface of Clear with webOS' useful accordion metaphor for compression. For those seeking a casual and colorful calendar app for iPhone, Peek is definitely worth a look.