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More US nuclear missile officers suspended in cheating scandal

More US nuclear missile officers suspended in cheating scandal


Roughly one in seven officers now implicated

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A US Air Force investigation into officers cheating on nuclear tests has expanded to implicate "roughly double" the original number of suspects, according to the Associated Press. Two weeks ago, 34 US Air Force nuclear missile launch officers were found to be involved in cheating on monthly proficiency tests designed to ensure the service members were capable of performing their important jobs. Half of the initial 34 suspects were said to have actively cheated, while the other half had knowledge of what was happening and did not report it. All were temporarily removed from active duty.

The internal scandal now reportedly covers approximately 14 percent of nuclear missile launch officers. A spokesperson for the US Air Force Global Strike Command refused to comment on the exact number of officers thought to be involved, but did confirm to the Associated Press that the additional suspects have been suspended from active duty "pending the outcome of the investigation."