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Flipboard begins highlighting articles by what it thinks you'll want to read

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Flipboard is getting a little bit smarter about finding stories for you to read. Rather than highlighting popular articles in its Cover Stories section in the order that they came in, Flipboard is beginning to sort them out into different sections, almost like a newspaper might.

Cover Stories is starting to look like a newspaper

Cover Stories is beginning to divide articles into groups based on where they came from and what they're about, with an eye toward displaying what it thinks you'll find most interesting first. The app's approach to getting to know you is fairly basic though: it focuses heavily on how you arrange sources on Flipboard's main page, while also factoring in your reading activity and engagement to augment that.


The change will begin gradually rolling out today for readers on iOS and Android phones and tablets who are running the latest version of the app. But while the sorting feature is only starting on Cover Stories, it wouldn't be surprising to see it turn up elsewhere throughout the app down the road. Flipboard is already testing the feature inside one of its magazines too, so it may not be long before the entire app is just a bit smarter about helping you find something to read.