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HTC will miss its 90-day window for updating the One to KitKat

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HTC (verge stock, 1020)
HTC (verge stock, 1020)

HTC has recently become quite proactive about trying to keep its flagship phone running the latest version of Android — the company pledged to roll out KitKat 4.4 to every HTC One in North America, regardless of carrier, by the end of January. With the month nearly out, the president of HTC Americas Jason Mackenzie has admitted his company is going to miss its self-imposed deadline. "We are currently in the certification phase across all of our carrier partners in North America, and they share our enthusiasm for getting this software in your hands," Mackenzie writes. "That said, the software development process does not always follow a linear path and we know today that we will miss our self-imposed target." Fortunately, the company says it should only miss its target by one to two weeks — and given that Motorola is the only OEM that has rolled out KitKat to its customers, HTC is still ahead of most of its competition.