The holidays are behind us, the year has turned, and that means it’s time for another Consumer Electronics Show. CES is the biggest tech party of the year and The Verge will be there in force. As we head into the show, don’t believe the haters: the tech stories many are expecting may sound like they’re minor iterations on stuff we’ve already seen, but sometimes those second turns are the most important ones. From 4K to wearables to smart cars, the story of CES will probably be the mainstream availability of tech that was previously out of the average consumer's reach. If 2013 was about introducing new tech like curved televisions and the Oculus Rift, 2014 looks like it’s going to be about making it both real and available for regular humans.

We’ve put together our predictions for the show and we’ve also created a CES hub where you will be able to find comprehensive coverage of everything that matters (and everything that’s weird) this year. The show technically opens on Tuesday, January 7th, but that opening date doesn’t mean too much: expect wall-to-wall coverage beginning well before that. CES is coming: get excited for the next upgrade.