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'Veronica Mars' trailer shows what $5.7 million in crowdfunding buys you

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Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars

It might seem like an age ago, but it's been just nine months since the Veronica Mars Kickstarter successfully raised $5.7 million to create a movie based on the canceled TV show. That movie is scheduled for release on March 14th, almost exactly a year after the Kickstarter campaign began, and now its writer and director Rob Thomas is ready to show the world where the money has gone with a theatrical trailer.

The trailer lays up the plot, which will see the movie's eponymous hero return to her hometown of Neptune after moving to New York City with her boyfriend to pursue a career as a lawyer. There, Mars will attempt to clear her ex of murder charges while catching up with old friends and enemies from the TV show at a well-timed high school reunion. It's not the first glimpse that fans will have seen of the movie, as its makers have been showing off bits and pieces to backers ever since shooting wrapped, but this is the first time a theatrical trailer has been released.