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FX comedy 'Chozen' to debut early on Xbox One

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FX will debut its new comedy series Chozen on the Xbox One next week, airing it on the console a week before its television premiere. Though the series won't be a Microsoft exclusive beyond that, getting an early debut still plays into its bigger plans for the Xbox One. Microsoft wants owners to start seeing the console as the go-to destination for watching TV, and doing that means giving potential viewers a reason to start choosing the Xbox over any other media box in their home.

The new series' animation comes from the studio behind 'Archer'

The show will be available on the FX Now app beginning Monday. However, it's not clear if it'll only be available to subscribers of one of the many cable providers that allow access to the FX Now app, or if it'll be open to everyone. Even if viewers are limited, FX likely sees this as a means to promote its own app to some extent as well.

Chozen comes from a number of the names behind Archer and Eastbound & Down, including star Danny McBride. Just like those series, Chozen won't exactly be a haven to subtle, highbrow humor: as FX writes, it's about "a gay white rapper fresh out of prison ... [whose] music and lyrics take aim at the stereotypes of machismo and misogyny." Naturally, hijinks and irony ensue. Chozen's creators have found cult success with their previous series though, and with Archer's animators behind this new show as well, there may well be an audience willing to seek it out on the Xbox next week.