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'MythBusters' to test plausibility of famous 'Star Wars' scenes in January 4th special

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On January 4th, Discovery Channel's long-running hit series MythBusters will turn its attention to the Star Wars saga. Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will look to replicate some of the most iconic moments from George Lucas' classic sci-fi films in an attempt to determine their plausibility. As usual, Hyneman and Savage will be joined by Grant Imahara, Kari Byron, and Tory Belleci for the Star Wars special. Each cast member has picked a memorable sequence from the films, and the group will use their special effects know-how to bring those myths to life.

Savage set out to determine whether the insides of a tauntaun would have been enough to save Luke Skywalker from the freezing temperatures of planet Hoth. "Suffice to say that we were totally wrong about our assumptions on this story," he told Crave. "We were all sure it would turn out one way, and we were all wrong." There are plenty of other spectacular stunts to look forward to (one of which you'll see below), but unfortunately MythBusters viewers won't be getting their top request: a real-life lightsaber. "Unfortunately, making what is essentially a laser sword falls into the deadly category," said Grant Imahara. The MythBusters Star Wars special airs January 4th at 8PM ET.