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Microsoft offers $100 to 'ditch your PS3' for an Xbox One

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PS3 trade in
PS3 trade in

While the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launches started off with Microsoft and Sony trading congratulatory tweets, Microsoft has stepped up its marketing recently. In promotional emails, the software giant is offering $100 towards an Xbox One when people "ditch" Sony’s PlayStation 3. The trade-in deal is only available at Microsoft’s retail stores in the US, and it applies to the PS3, Xbox 360 S, or Xbox 360 E.

The promotion reduces the $100 gap, and brings the Xbox One price down to the same $399 as the PlayStation 4. Given a base model PS3 retails for around $200 right now, it’s not a bad offer if you have a slightly aging PlayStation 3. However, if Microsoft is hoping this latest promotion will tempt PlayStation 3 owners by reducing the Xbox One cost, it might find that Sony console owners simply keep their old PS3 and pay $399 for a PlayStation 4.