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You can now use Foursquare to find restaurants that deliver with Seamless or Grubhub

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Foursquare 7 for iOS
Foursquare 7 for iOS

The next time you're looking to order in online, you might want to head to Foursquare instead of Seamless. That's because you can now find out which restaurants near you accept orders from Seamless or Grubhub straight from Foursquare's mobile and web apps. If you're not a Foursquare user it might not sound like a significant change, but with the update the check-in service could become the primary way to find out where to order delivery.


Searching in Seamless and Grubhub is a frustrating experience; far too many results pop up and there aren't nearly enough reviews to help you make a decision. Foursquare has focused the bulk of its efforts on discovery over the past year or so, and it has managed to make a compelling product that uses your check-in history and other factors to bring a few top recommendations to you. Compared to getting a huge list and sifting through the results yourself, it's not a bad deal. Clicking the new "Order Delivery" button in the Foursquare app will take you to Seamless or Grubhub (the two companies recently merged) to complete your order online. If you're looking for which restaurants near you deliver, just type "delivery" after your search query in the app. Foursquare says the new feature is going live today.