There's something about jumping that just feels good. It's a joyous experience, which is perhaps why so many video games use it as a central mechanic. Ian Snyder's The Floor is Jelly takes that familiar feeling and makes it even more exuberant — now you're jumping in a world made of bouncy gelatin, and it feels amazing. "The core of the idea was always jumping around on jelly," says Snyder.

While fun, movement takes a bit of getting used to. When you hit the ground, the world ripples beneath your feet, temporarily changing the level in important ways. You can use this to build momentum, relying on the bouncing jelly to help you jump even higher, as well as to get around tricky obstacles. It's fundamentally a platformer, but The Floor is Jelly also plays out somewhat like a puzzle game — each level involves figuring out how to use your abilities and the environment so that you can reach the open window at the end. Once you finish the first section, which essentially serves as a tutorial, this becomes an increasingly challenging task.