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Good Deal: $499 Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, $400 off original price

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Surface Pro Good Deal
Surface Pro Good Deal

Microsoft’s original Surface Pro isn’t even a year old yet, but it has been superseded by the Surface Pro 2. It appears that Best Buy still has some stock of the original model that it wants to move this weekend. We've seen some price reductions on the Surface Pro before — including cuts following the Surface Pro 2 release — but Best Buy is offering a massive $400 discount on the original retail price, bringing the Surface Pro down to just $499.99. While the old model doesn’t have an adjustable kickstand and the improved battery life with Intel’s Haswell chip, it’s still largely the same otherwise. You get a 10.6-inch 1920 x 1080p display with a Wacom digitizer and stylus, along with 128GB of storage. Best Buy’s Surface Pro deal is only available today and tomorrow online and in stores, and if Windows isn’t your thing then there’s also $100 off all Apple MacBooks.