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Microsoft simplifies OneNote site ahead of ‘Office Online’ rollout

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Microsoft is refreshing its OneNote site today as part of a broader plan to rebrand its online Office apps. The new site has a refreshed design, but more importantly it now makes OneNote a lot easier to use on the web. Previously, OneNote users had to navigate through folders on Microsoft’s SkyDrive service to find and open their notebooks. The updated site now lists all notebooks in a single interface, with shared notebooks also visible.

The changes are being rolled out as Microsoft prepares to rebrand its Office Web Apps to Office Online. Microsoft’s Office Web Apps are currently buried away inside the company’s SkyDrive service, where it’s difficult for new users to discover they even exist. Newly designed Office apps will debut online at, simplifying how consumers access online versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. The Office web app changes follow Microsoft's recent SkyDrive rebrand to OneDrive, and the company is expected to unveil its Office Online improvements in the coming weeks.