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Tim Tebow can't find work in the NFL so he made these ads for T-Mobile

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Tebow puppies
Tebow puppies

For its first ever Super Bowl ad campaign, T-Mobile recruited quarterback Tim Tebow to demonstrate just how marvelous life can be when you're contract-free. Of course, in the case of the former NFL star, his freedom comes largely thanks to a lack of interest from professional teams after his career sputtered out in recent years. "Everyone thinks I want a contract," Tebow says in one of the three spots. "But without one, I've done so much this year." Viewers are then treated to a firsthand look at some of those accomplishments.

Apparently being free from the commitment of an NFL contract gave Tebow the chance to help deliver a baby. He successfully apprehended Bigfoot, made an impassioned plea for world peace, and even donned an astronaut helmet. Another ad sees Tebow living out his rock star dreams, saving puppies from a blazing building, and starring in a 1970s crime drama. "Bottom line: contracts hold you back," he concludes. T-Mobile obviously agrees with that sentiment; the extremely expensive ads — set to air during Sunday's game — highlight the company's latest switch offer. Even better? They manage to convey T-Mobile's message without lambasting the competition.