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Gallery Photo: Ron Miller's 'Dune' concept art
Gallery Photo: Ron Miller's 'Dune' concept art

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'Dune' concept art shows the evolution of David Lynch's sci-fi vision

David Lynch's 1984 adaptation of Dune is an ambitious, sprawling, messy work of visual art. No wonder it's a classic — though it might not be a good movie in the strictest sense, it took Frank Herbert's vision of a feudal, Near Eastern-esque society with all the trappings of science fiction, and shot it for the big screen. Author Ron Miller served as production illustrator for the film, and amassed a sizable collection of sketches, production paintings, and photos of spacecrafts and sandworms.

In a post on io9, Miller wrote, "Everything eventually wound up in the drafting department, where beautiful plans were drawn up. Every set, spacecraft and prop had a detailed blueprint." Here's a small sampling of the work that went into this sci-fi classic.

Images courtesy of Ron Miller.


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