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HBO's 'Girls' launches a Snapchat account

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HBO Girls Season 3 press photo (Credit: HBO Girls/Facebook)
HBO Girls Season 3 press photo (Credit: HBO Girls/Facebook)

Fans of HBO's hit series Girls looking to enjoy even more hilarious twentysomething angst have a new, more transient way to keep up with the show: Snapchat. HBO's official Girls Twitter account announced the new Snapchat on Friday. So far, Girls has used Snapchat to send out an emoji version of a memorable quote by fast-talking lead character Shoshanna Shapiro (played by Zosia Mamet).

Red carpet pictures from Monday's season three premiere are soon to follow. The news is sure to delight dedicated Girls watchers, but unlikely to distract from Snapchat's latest real world controversy, last week's leak of over 4 million account names and phone numbers. Still, it's hard to think of a more fitting pairing between TV and social media, especially given the fact that series creator Lena Dunham is already an avid user of a rival app favored by the youths, Instagram.