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The Verge is live at CES 2014: get ready

The Verge is live at CES 2014: get ready


Bigger and badder than ever

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CES trailer
CES trailer

CES 2014 is here.

The show officially begins on January 7th, but the news starts today, and The Verge is on the ground in Las Vegas with our biggest and baddest setup ever, ready to bring it all to you. In addition to our usual double-wide trailer, we've got two full broadcast studios on site and an awesome new lounge in Central Hall for people to chill, grab some Wi-Fi, and hang out.

CES has long been the biggest tech trade show of the year, even as the industry has changed around it. Gigantic companies like Sony, Samsung, and LG still hold elaborate press events to launch new products here, while others like Apple and Google avoid an official presence but wield massive influence from afar. This year, though, the little guys will be just as important as the big ones. It's easier than ever to cobble together a gadget, but making a good one is still really hard — and we'll be working hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This year the little guys will be just as important as the big ones

So how do we get all of this news to you? How can we make it make sense to someone who isn't on the floor of the show or attending the dozens of events that happen during CES? And how can we find the news and the stories that no one else has? We're here to tell the bigger story of technology culture at a show like CES, and this year, we've got better tools than ever to show you all of the news that's really important while still telling the stories you're not going to read anywhere else.


Our CES 2014 hub is live and custom-built to show you all the breaking news and longer-form reporting. In fact, it's already happening now, with a CES 2014 preview and a look back at what survived from last year. Alongside the hub, we have a CES 2014 newswire that will serve as your firehose of CES news.

Those pages are just the start — there's much more:

  • Breaking news: News is the heartbeat of everything we do, and you'll see the most important news right away on our front page, in the CES news wire, and on our CES 2014 hub.
  • The best video in the business. We've hugely expanded our video efforts this year with two on-site studios next to our double-wide trailer, and we've got more video coming at you than ever. Our CES morning show, First! will be coming back on Tuesday at 9AM PT, and of course you can expect wild nights during the NSFW Vergecast After Hours, which kicks off tomorrow night. 90 Seconds on The Verge will give you the daily roundup, while we'll round up the best of the best for a blowout episode of Top Shelf at the end of the show. And we'll have exclusive interviews, product demos, and rapid-fire hands-on experiences coming at you throughout the entire show — you'll always have something great to watch.
  • Live event coverage. The keynote presentations at CES often come with wild (and weird) announcements, and we'll have live blogs of the best of them, along with embedded streams in the CES hub and the front page, as well as supercuts of the best moments. LG kicks things off with an 8AM PT Monday morning press event with big events from Sony and Samsung later in the day, and then it's nonstop from there.
  • Post event live shows. We'll have live on-air wrap-ups and analysis of every major press event seconds after they're over, direct from our massive CES studio. It all kicks off after LG at 9AM Monday morning.
  • StoryStreams of the biggest news and stories. From single companies to important trends, we'll make it easy to find everything about exactly what you care about from CES using our awesome tool to hand-curate stories.
  • In-depth reporting and smart opinions you can't get anywhere else. Once the initial flood of news settles down, it's time to find the bigger stories — and try and sort through everything that's happened to see where our industry and culture will take us into the next year.
  • The Verge on social. We'll be constantly updating our Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ pages with behind-the-scenes photos, pictures from our compound, and of course, the constant news that comes out of CES 2014. And if you don't already, follow us on Twitter for comprehensive alerts for all of our stories. We'll also have a non-stop 24 / 7 live blog of everything happening at CES — stay tuned for more information on that.
  • Love. Between our reporters, editors, video team, and operations staff, we're on the ground with more than 60 people — and all of them are devoted to making sure you see the best stuff first. Here's our secret weapon: we really, really love CES. This is our party, and it's going to be good.

Can't wait to get started? Here's our highlights video from last year — and this year is going to be even better.