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Belkin aims to make all lighting smart with LED lighting starter set

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Belkin LED Lighting Starter Set
Belkin LED Lighting Starter Set

At last year's CES, Belkin introduced its WeMo Light Switch, and this year the company is trying to make smart lighting even more of a no-brainer with its new LED Lighting Starter Set. At $129, the set comes with two LED Smart Bulbs and the WeMo Link. The package lets you schedule and dim the lights from anywhere using the WeMo app, which uses a Wi-Fi signal to control appliances with your smartphone. The light bulbs are 60-watt equivalent with 800 Lumens and 3000 Kelvin, are fully dimmable, and can be set with a number of features like vacation mode, the latter of which automatically turns lights on and off when people are in the house. The WeMo also includes a "dim to sleep" function that gradually dims lights over time as you head to bed.

Belkin is working hard to become the go-to company for smart lighting, and for the smart home in general. They've put the WeMo system in many home appliances — everything from an electrical outlet to a baby monitor, and now even kitchen appliances like a slow cooker. The WeMo Link in this starter kit also supports up to 50 individual Smart LED Bulbs, but at $39 for each individual light bulb, Belkin's hope that consumers will replace all their lights immediately might be too high.