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Here's how to follow The Verge at CES 2014

Here's how to follow The Verge at CES 2014


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CES trailer
CES trailer

CES is a week of chaos and excitement in Las Vegas — tens of thousands of humans congregate and gawk at the latest and greatest from technology companies around the world. Luckily, you, the reader, can just kick back and refresh The Verge to consume all of the news, reports, and announcements that come out of Sin City this week.

But for some of you, that might not be enough. If you're looking to go deeper and connect with The Verge's staff on a personal level — the behind-the-scenes action, the tweets, the Instagrams — you've come to the right place.

But if you want the full, unfiltered Verge experience, we've got something special for you. This year we're live blogging our experiences as a collective group of humans experiencing the Consumer Electronics Show as it happens. What that means is you'll see a stream of live reactions, tweets, photos, over-heards, and surprises from the entire Verge staff. 24 / 7. For the whole week.

In addition to our daily live blogs, we're also constantly updating our social pages — from Facebook to Instagram to YouTube to Tumblr. Below we've linked to each of our social pages, and as a bonus, we've made it easy to follow the entire Verge staff on Twitter.

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