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Oculus will bring its latest virtual reality headset to CES this week

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Oculus Rift TC Sottek
Oculus Rift TC Sottek

In December, Oculus VR raised $75 million in funding based partly on the promise of its latest tech: a new version of its acclaimed virtual reality headset that reportedly eliminates motion blur, incorporates full 3D motion tracking, and no longer makes people sick. Initially, the company told us that many of those features would appear in a new prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, but later said it couldn't confirm what would actually be ready to demonstrate.

However, Oculus engineer (and former Valve developer) Tom Forsyth has just confirmed on Twitter that the latest Rift will indeed be at CES.

While Forsyth also doesn't go into detail about which features have changed since the 1080p variant shown at E3 last June, he did joke that Oculus has "tightened up the graphics on level 3," a phrase which can be taken to mean that things have improved without being remotely specific.

We'll be sure to show you what the latest Rift looks like later this week.