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Someone has cataloged the gross misuse of source code in TV and film

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source code
source code

Most probably wouldn't notice some innocuous Java masquerading as a killer computer virus in a movie. Hollywood bets on that oversight at least for the sake of narrative. Still, seeing the lie exposed is fun, so the new tumblog Source Code in TV and Films is going out of its way to list all the times source code has appeared onscreen, even (or especially) if the code is of sketchy provenance.

The site takes examples of code in everything from The Terminator to Dilbert and investigates where the often random bits come from. The origin is usually hilariously bizarre given the context; in one episode of Doctor Who, Matt Smith's Doctor stares intently at what turns out to be a basic SVG image. Others are more spot on. In one episode of Revolution, the scene appropriately makes use of biometric scanning tools. In the end, it's now painfully obvious that studios won't be able to get away using Wordpress source code to make hackers look like supervillains.