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OKIDOKEYS is the latest smart lock to replace the average deadbolt

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Going up against the likes of Yves Behar-designed August smart lock and Lockitron, OKIDOKEYS is a new RFID-based lock meant to replace your house keys. Using only a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled iPhone or Android phone and the OKIDOKEYS app, users can tap their way into their homes with relative ease. It's also compatible with Android phones, ordinary cell phones, RFID smart tags, and traditional metal keys, covering most of the conceivable ways one would need to get into their home.

The device, while bulky, promises to be easy to install for the average homeowner. The new device doesn't require drilling to install, instead relying on the deadbolt already resting inside your door. Users will also be able to give secure access to trusted friends and family using the OKIDOKEYS App Portal.