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Dacor's smart oven range lets a smartphone control your stove

Dacor's smart oven range lets a smartphone control your stove

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If you're going to buy a high-end oven range, it may as well be one of the smartest ovens out there. At CES Unveiled today, Dacor is announcing what it says is the first professional smart oven range — a two-oven, six-burner appliance with a built-in Android tablet that controls all of its operations.

A full Android tablet controls the oven

With a selling price of $11,999, Dacor's president admits that the range is meant for the "luxury kitchen." While its wealth of high-end cooking abilities are certainly a highlight, the oven's most interesting feature is the Android tablet that controls it. Though it works just like a normal tablet — it runs Ice Cream Sandwich and any Play Store apps you might want to install — an app called Discovery IQ comes preinstalled and is used to control the entire oven. You can set the temperature by dragging a slider side to side, or even download cook settings to allow the oven to automatically prepare your food properly.

Dacor is also introducing a companion app today that'll work with this new oven range and its existing wall oven, which also includes the Discovery IQ app. Through the mobile app, users can control many of the major functions of their stove, such as setting it to preheat or detecting the temperature of cooking meat. For safety reasons, the oven will automatically kick off all mobile controllers whenever someone at home is actually using the stove. You also won't be able to control the burners through the app — likely also for safety reasons — though Dacor says it's working on it.

The oven range on display today is a prototype of Dacor's 48-inch model, but a 36-inch model is in production as well. Both models of the smart oven should debut this summer, giving enthusiast home chefs some time to start saving up.