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Mother and Motion Cookies tracks daily life down to the last movement

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Mother and Motion Cookies
Mother and Motion Cookies

Mother and Motion Cookies is a smart hub paired with multiple sensors that try to bring the Internet of Things to literally every thing. The most important pieces of the device are the sensors built into each "Cookie" that track all kinds of factors including movement, temperature, and frequency. You assign each sensor an app from the web or mobile interface that tells it what to track. Currently there are 15 individual sensor apps that let you track things like how far you walk, if anyone is in your home, if your plants have been watered, and if someone left the refrigerator door open. is working on adding more apps and also plans on opening up the API to developers so anyone can add to the app library.

Open app development and the smart sensors are the real innovations behind Mother, because ultimately the set is just a means to an end. founder Rafi Haladjian eventually wants to partner with brands to have the Cookie sensors to be built into things like jeans, making it possible for almost anything to be "smart." Rather than having a smart device made to do one thing, we could be moving in the direction of having many sensors paired to specific apps that make anything intelligent. As sensors become tinier, thinner, and universal enough to be attached to anything, and contributed to by anyone, the Internet of Things will switch from emphasizing objects to emphasizing connected intelligence.