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DJI S1000
DJI S1000

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DJI's new octocopter gives wings to the Canon 5D

This is the S1000, a new octocopter from dronemaker DJI. The undercarriage is designed to fit in a Canon 5D (Mark II or III), and hold it aloft for ten to fifteen minutes depending on the associated battery pack. It's several feet across with all the arms extended, but the arms folds into the base for easy packing.

All told, it's a bigger, better version of previous prosumer models like the S800, with more rotors, more power and more battery life. The rotors are particularly important, providing extra stability and backups for the drone, which product manager Paul Pan says can land with as little as four rotors operating. The drone is expected to arrive on market in the first quarter of 2014, with further revelations on the way from DJI in their tuesday night CES presentation.


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