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Holi lamp lets you set the mood with your iPhone

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Holi lamp
Holi lamp

Sometimes all it takes to set the mood is your iPhone and 18 LED lights. That's the theory behind Holi, a sleek and colorful lamp powered by your smartphone. The minimal, square device — which is already available in Europe — lets you control its pulsing lights in three different ways. You can pick an ambient theme and the lights will flash and change colors to go along with your choice (there's also the option to create your own theme, letting you edit both the color and dynamic movement).

Holi's lights can also move in time to music playing from your iOS device, and during our brief demo the lights danced and jumped while Daft Punk blasted in the background. Lastly, you can also use Holi to wake up in the morning — the lamp will slowly brighten to ensure your awakening is as relaxing as possible. While we don't know the price just yet, the Holi lamp is expected to make its way to the US starting in March.