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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro tablets appear early on CES billboard

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Samsung Tab Pro
Samsung Tab Pro

Samsung's going pro. Two new tablets, the Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro, were shown on a billboard posted this evening at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Both devices are expected to be unveiled at the company's press conference tomorrow afternoon, but are already being plastered to the side of the building where most of CES is taking place. The billboards don't show off much in the way of features, short of what looks like a refreshed user interface with a series of tiles similar to Windows 8 or Flipboard, but it could just be an app. Here's a closer look:


Going pro

Some of the apps shown off on the screen include an email inbox, music app, Samsung's Knox app, photo gallery, and local weather information.

Names for both devices, along with a "Lite" version of the Galaxy Tab, cropped up last week in a Bluetooth SIG device certification database. A version of the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 also appeared in online benchmarks. We should have a better idea of specs and features at Samsung's press conference tomorrow.