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Nikon says D4S flagship camera is in development

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Nikon's main news at CES is the D3300 DSLR, but it's making a more unusual announcement as well. The Japanese camera giant has revealed that it's working on the Nikon D4S, an upgrade to its current flagship DSLR, the two-year-old D4. Nikon says the D4S will feature improved image quality thanks to a new image processor, and the autofocus system has also received a boost.

Unfortunately, that's about it as far as details go; Nikon isn't letting on when the D4S will be released, or how much it will cost. The update isn't unexpected, however — Nikon's D3 was similarly followed after two years by the D3s, which represented a relatively minor upgrade over its predecessor. The D4S will be on display at Nikon's booth once the CES floor opens tomorrow, so we'll try to find out as much as we can.