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Panasonic and Mozilla join forces to develop Firefox OS-powered Smart TVs

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panasonic tv stock
panasonic tv stock

Firefox OS, Mozilla's HTML5-based platform designed to go toe-to-toe with iOS and Android, may soon find its way into the living room. Panasonic announced today that it's partnering with the software company to help "develop and promote" Firefox OS on next-gen Smart TVs, with the goal of turning the operating system into a hub for future Smart Homes. The move marks Mozilla's first major foray into the war for TV.

Mozilla is joining the war for the living room

According to the official release, the partnership will allow developers to build apps and cloud services into future televisions based on the same APIs that underpin Mozilla's web and mobile offerings. Crucially, the company plans to make the living room television a means for connecting with the rest of the tech in and out of the home, though it's currently unclear just how the interface will be implemented.

Even if they remain a risky proposition, Smart TVs appear to be making a resurgence at CES this year — especially with LG's own webOS-powered offering on the way. US consumers may have to wait a bit for these developments to bear fruit, though. Mozilla recently backpedaled on selling Firefox phones in the US late last year, and there are currently no indications that Firefox TVs will reach the West anytime soon.