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ZTE's new portable hotspot doubles as a projector

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ZTE Projector Hotspot
ZTE Projector Hotspot

Sometimes you just need a 120-inch projected screen to go along with your portable hotspot. At CES 2014, ZTE has just unveiled a hybrid device that lets you have both. As the name implies, the Projector Hotspot serves as both a mobile hotspot and a portable projector. The Android-powered hotspot lets you view images and watch videos stored on the device or over the internet, and you can also share content from a laptop via HDMI or wirelessly mirror your phone or tablet. The projector can display content up to 120 inches. Up to eight users can connect to the device, and everything is managed via a 4-inch touchscreen. No price has been announced, but you'll be able to have Wi-Fi movie parties later this year — the Projector Hotspot is slated to launch in the US sometime in 2014.