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Ozobot lets you play iPad games with an 'intelligent' robot

Ozobot lets you play iPad games with an 'intelligent' robot

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Nintendo's Robotic Operating Buddy is finally getting a proper successor — only this time it's for your mobile device. Unveiled today at CES 2014, the new Ozobot platform is described as an "intelligent robot" that can be used for both physical and digital gaming. The tiny, 1-inch-tall machine is compatible with both iOS and Android, as well as physical game boards. According to the creators, Ozobot is able to interact with games by reading lines, colors, and lights and then acting appropriately. The company claims that Ozobot is capable of recognizing and reacting to "over 1,000 different digital codes and instructions" and it features a rechargeable battery that lasts for an estimated 40 minutes on a single charge.

Four games available at launch

Four games are expected to be available when the device launches later this year, including a racing game where two Ozobots speed around a track on your tablet. There will also be some sort of software development kit available in 2014 so that developers can craft their own Ozobot-compatible experiences (a lack of quality games has been a major sticking point for similar products like Dice+). "While we’re confident the launch titles are fun and show off the potential of Ozobot," says CEO Nader Hamda, "we’re also hard at work developing more games and providing interested third parties a way to develop new physical and digital games and apps using Ozobot." Other launch titles include a drawing game where you can create a maze using a piece of paper and a pen.

Ozobot will be launching as a Kickstarter project on January 15th, where you can reserve one in time for the estimated holiday 2014 release window.